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Hasbant offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to solve your business in a sustainable way. Our company develops projects that support sustainable solutions by considering environmental, social and economic dimensions together.

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Things to consider when purchasing tape

Adhesion strength

The most important feature of duct tape is that it has a strong adhesion strength.


The flexibility of the tapes allows them to adapt to the shape of the applied surface and to be durable.


It can be increased in proportion to the quality of the parcel adhesive material.


Hasbant types in desired colour and quality and special production band are available.


The width of the tapes according to the area of use provides more adhesion area and ensures good closure


Tape prices vary according to its features and brand. Contact for duct tape prices and other product prices


Hasbant products ensure that fewer pieces are used with sufficient length.

Tape Purchasing

When purchasing duct tape and other tapes, you can choose the most suitable tape for your needs by considering these features.


Some duct tapes may also have other properties. For example, waterproof tapes can be used in wet environments. Double-sided tapes can be used to stick two surfaces together.

Transparent tapes can be used to write messages or stick logos on the boxes..more...

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Koli Bandı Areas of Use

Duct tape is most commonly used for sealing parcels. It can also be used for packaging, labelling and other purposes.

The most common uses of duct tape are as follows:

Sealing of parcels: Duct tape ensures that the products inside the parcels are transported safely. Duct tape closes the top and bottom of the parcels, preventing the products from coming out. Packaging: Duct tape can be used for packaging various products. For example, electronic devices, gifts and fragile products can be packed with duct tape.

Labelling: Duct tape can be used to attach labels to parcels. Labels are used to indicate the contents and address of the parcels.

Other purposes: Duct tape can also be used for various other purposes. For example, duct tape can be used to hang a photo on the wall or to temporarily secure an object.

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Hasbant took part in the 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair

Hasbant took part in the 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair...


Frequently Asked Questions

The tape is produced in different widths and lengths. It is important to choose a tape of suitable width and length according to the intended use.

The tape can be adhered to various surfaces. It is important to choose a tape with the appropriate adhesive strength according to the intended use.

The tape is usually produced as transparent or coloured. It is important to choose a tape in the appropriate colour according to the intended use.

Tape prices vary according to factors such as width, length, adhesive strength and colour. It is important to choose a tape suitable for your budget and usage area.